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Name of fic: Loves to Fish Name author: Timeless Pairings: Judai… - Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 27th, 2011|11:40 pm]
Yu Gi Oh fanfiction community
Name of fic: Loves to Fish
Name author: Timeless
Pairings: Judai and Yubel
Warnings: Spoilers for GX?
Summary: Judai is just trying to catch his dinner.


After Shadow Riders, The Society of Light, duel zombies, parallel worlds, and dueling Darkness it was easy to say that Judai could handle anything. He was now older and out of school so he was free to do as he wished. It was only natural that instead of going to college he would travel the world with a couple of spirits and a fat cat, looking to solve mysteries and go on adventures. The problem with that was that also meant that Judai was homeless and out of a real job. Food was short so Judai often found himself hunting and fishing off in the wild to get sustenance. That was an adventure in itself.


The boy looked up from the water he was staring at. A fishing pole was held tightly in his hands as he sat on the edge of a dock, waiting to receive his dinner. Judai's eyes locked with his friend, Yubel's and they stared at each other for a long time.

“Yeah?” Judai finally asked when his spirit partner didn't just tell him what he wanted.

Yubel loomed over the boy, a dark smile on his face. He lifted up his dragon-like leg, positioned his foot on Judai's back, and shoved him hard off the dock. Judai plummeted into the lake, fishing pole and all. The water fell silent for a moment before bubbles started to rise to the surface. After a moment Judai himself reemerged from under the murky lake, taking in a huge gulp of air.

“What was that for?!” Judai screamed, splashing around as he tried ungracefully to stay afloat.

Yubel only smiled and disappeared.

Judai furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he tread the water. He suddenly felt something brush past his hand so he instinctively grabbed it. It was a fish. Go instincts!

As he dragged the huge fish out of the lake, Judai shivered at a rush of cold air. Well at least he had dinner now. While he sat out by a camp fire, cooking his meal, Judai smiled to Yubel.

“So why did you push me in?” He wondered with a laugh.

“You were fishing without bait. I wanted to help.” Yubel answered, shrugging his shoulders

“I love you, Yubel, but next time just tell me.” Judai let out a loud sneeze. Tough love didn't even begin to describe their relationship.

Hi guys! I've been lurking around and finally decided to contribute to the comm. So this is my first fanfic ever. Sorry it was so short. I'd love to see what everyone thinks.