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In Search of a Beta~ [Jun. 6th, 2012|09:07 am]
Yu Gi Oh fanfiction community


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Ah! Active Yugioh fandom! My heart. <3

Anyway, hello! I have recently found my way back into the YGO fandom (you'd think after ten years I'd be sick of it...nope). And my brain started forming this odd little plotbunny and my fingers starting constructing the words to go with it - turning it into a work in progress of a story that might get long.

I've been searching frantically since I hit 2000 words (I know...it's not that long. Yet!) for a beta, because I'm extremely excited that I'm actually writing a fanfiction again.

So what I'm looking for here is a beta reader that will hop into the little wagon I brought with me, and let me take them home. Not literally, of course, but to my MSN/AIM/Yahoo home. Their call. Basically, what I need in a beta is someone who will be honest with me, help me make sense of what I'm writing (just in general...I tend to write sentences that lose their meaning and coherent structure between being thought and being typed), and pretty much, become my new, temporary best friend in all things YGO. I mean, it doesn't have to be temporary, but I'm not going to creep on the community right now. :P

So yes, if anyone would be so amazing to join me on my stupid little adventure, and help me out...this is so far what I know the fic is made up of (for people that don't like reading certain things):

* It's 3rd person, past tense with 3rd person, present tense flashbacks.
* It's alludes to LOST because I'm a dork.
* It's set during the first series, with the first series characters.
* It's definitely an AU, because when did LOST like adventures happen in YGO? Yeah. Never.
* It's genre is totally up in the air, but I think it's an adventure with a little mystery. Well...LOST allusions. So.
* It's going to eventually crossover with 5Ds and GX, because Jaden and Yusei are my favorite things ever right now.
* I use English names, because I never watched it in Japanese, because it's my childhood and it was given to me in English.
* It'll more than likely have slashy undertones, and maybe an endgame pairing - which will still, more than likely, be slash. As for who the official pairing is, that's currently undecided - but, in my brain, I'm prone to Puzzleshipping and whatever you want to call Jaden/Yusei. But it could be anything, really. xD
* It'll be rated PG-13 at most. And it won't contain smut. I don't do smut.

Sooooo. Yes.

<3 Love me. T_T